We’re a Christian organization desiring to be in the middle of people, right where they’re at, allowing the intersections of life to create opportunities to minister…







Our hope is to bring people into the freedom available to them in Christ, guide people into their true identity in Christ, help the churches locally create missionaries – not members, equip believers – not just teach them, and simply to be available. In a day and age where churches are getting larger and larger pastors are less and less accessible. They are bogged down with administration and creating programs. We desire to be with the people, to be available, and not to get bogged down in admin or programs. Therefore we’re positioning ourselves in the community where people are. We’re available. We seek to make ourselves more accessible to non-believers by being in homes rather than “religious” buildings.

We’re trying to get everyone to understand the following:


When you know who He (God) is… you will know who you really are.
When you know who you really are… it will affect the way that you live.
When it affects the way that you live… the people around you will know who you really are.
When they know who you really are… they will know who He is.™





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